Our drive to Inverness (Inver or Aber: Mouth of a river i.e. Inverness and Aberdeen being towns on the mouths of the rivers Ness or Deen, repectively) was initially meant to start with a layover in a town on the way then continued the following morning so we could appreciate some of the countryside we were travelling through. This quickly changed when every small town we turned off to, with their thick fog and small windy rural roads, reminded us more of the Blair Witch Project than a safe haven to sleep.


Englands motorways gave way to Scotlands highways and the views just kept getting better as we drove to Edinburgh. 

Kenilworth Castle & Hadrian's wall

After finding a service station to stop and have dinner at, a nice quiet street to sleep in and another service station to have breakfast, we made our way to Kenilworth Castle.

South west England

After leaving London late we found a place to park in Basingstoke so we could spend our first night in our new home. It was one of the best sleeps we had had so far due to no late night interruptions. Unfortunately, we had left the fridge on overnight, being accustomed to having one run 24/7 which resulted in us waking up at 6am with sub zero temperatures and a flat battery. Thankfully, after a short 45min wait, we were assisted by a couple of locals heading off to work allowing us to continue our journey.


After a long journey we finally arrived in London at the start of a new day and an amazing adventure. During the flight/layovers we met some very nice people which was a great start to a year abroad.

When we first exited the train we caught from Heathrow we were delighted at the differences between Australia and England... besides the freezing cold. Often these were little things that we thought were cool or were just another way of doing something. For example: