Having returned from base camp the previous day, we were eager to continue our journey on to Laos but had to wait for money to clear to pay for flights. That morning, as soon as the funds were in our account, we jumped onto the airline website to book our flights out of Kathmandu for that afternoon. This turned out to not be possible via the Internet if booked within 6 hours of a flight, leaving us with the option of staying another day or finding an alternate way to book.


Our time in India had finally come to an end. We were excited about heading to Nepal and the adventures this would bring, as we boarded the plane headed for Kathmandu. Upon arrival we discovered that our Nepal visas needed to be paid for in cash but the ATM in the arrival hall was broken. So off Glenn went through the visa control and out of the airport to the closest ATM with airport security hardly noticing. Upon returning we were then informed that we had to get photos taken and pay for the visas in US dollars not Nepal rupees.

McLeod Ganj

We arrived in Pathankot early in the morning and set off on the two-hour taxi ride to our final destination in India. When arriving in McLeod Ganj our first impressions were of a quiet and very scenic hillside village with plenty of cafes and restaurants overlooking the valley. As this was where the Tibetan government and Dalai Lama had made their home, there was definitely a different feel to the town. The streets were distinctly more Asian, with their tightly packed shops, Tibetan prayer wheels and the many orange robed monks wandering the streets.