Italian riviera

Our initial experience in Italy was that of winding roads and views of the blue Mediterranean. The drivers were crazy but I was too exhausted from our trek through the Gorge du Verdon that I didn't care... besides our car was bigger!! We had headed for Sanremo because it was the only Italian name we knew (close to the border) based on the brand of pasta sauce we had bought before. We quickly learned that 40km in Italy takes 2 hours (avoiding tolls) enduring 50km/h on crazy winding roads offset by the amazing scenery.

Gorge du Verdon

Leaving Avignon we had plotted a course to Gorge du Verdon via Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, a town just to the north of the lake the gorge empties into, with the hope of finding a spot to camp for the night. As we drove closer to our destination it was obvious that the journey on the following day would be stunning based on the mountainous terrain we started to go through. Our first obstacle on this trek came when we discovered that:


We arrived at Montpellier late in the afternoon and plotted a course for McDonalds to connect to the internet. Along the way our GPS dropped out and as we made our way through the city centre we started following another van to ensure we weren't going to head anywhere we couldn't fit. We quickly realised this was a mistake when the van turned down a one way street (authorised vehicles excepted),  headed straight for the mall and oncoming trams.

Coimbra to Toulouse

Coimbra turned out to be an amazing little city where we spent the first couple of days relaxing, surrounded by alpine hills and trying as many of the local pastries as we could find :) On the third day we walked the streets of the high town past the venue for the Fado concert we were going to see that night. The place was open, playing the occassional song and we were lucky to get a sample of what to expect. We continued up the never ending steps and hills, admiring pot plants made of jeans and window shopping along the way.


We arrived early in Lisboa at the city campsite and after a quick coffee/wifi break we jumped on the bus headed for the city centre with the intention of going on the cities Yellow Hop on/Hop off  tourist bus to figure out what attractions interested us. After arriving and purchasing a ticket we sat atop the open air bus exploring this wonderful city. The variety on offer was astounding as we drove past expansive gardens, monuments and buildings. The old buildings were in excellent condition and several were heritage listed while the new were artistic without being over the top.

Morocco to Portugal

After a good night sleep in The Van we hit the road for another look at Rabat, however apon arrival the caravan parks we were intending to stay at had since closed down. We tried searching for alternative sites to no avail and after assistance from some locals we were pointed in the direction leading us out of the city. With still no luck and a strong desire for a more familar country we both agreed to head to Tangiers. The following day we had breakfast in Morrocco caught the ferry to Tarifa, to have lunch in Spain, then plotted a course for dinner in Portugal.